Hello, my name is… you can just call me recoveringdudebro for now… and, well, I’m a recovering dudebro.

What does that even mean?

Well, I used to behave like a dudebro and now I’m trying not to. Like an addict in recovery learning to live a new way of life without the use of drugs, I’ve admitted my dudebro ways and I am learning a new way to live and relate to those around me.

So why am I writing this blog?

Personally, like someone working a 12 step program, I feel that there are amends that I need to make. I will make these amends here, in general terms, so that I may feel some relief of the guilt I feel for my previous dudebro ways. I’d also like, for once, to have a positive impact on the conversation and recover some of my humanity by speaking out against the bullshit I used to perpetuate.

Culturally, I know I’m not the only dudebro (obviously), and I hope that, maybe, some other dudebro will read this and stop and reevaluate the way they’re behaving, the things they’re saying, and the impact they’re having on those around them.

Most importantly though, people from within this group need to stand up and help fix this culture that has benefited dudebros and oppressed others for so long. This change has to come from within, within each of us individual dudebros, and within the dudebro culture. We need to hold ourselves and our dudebros accountable. This point is pretty obvious considering how many non-dudebro groups are calling for equality and how few gains have been made. Dudebros only listen to other dudebros.

So, here it goes.


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